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Dr Rakhee Sharma

Dr Rakhee Sharma


General Physician

Face Aesthetic Physician

Trichocogist & Laser Specialist

Dr. Rakhee. S. Sharma, is the owner of Redefine Aesthetic Clinic, she is a M.B.B.S GENERAL PHYSICIAN PRACTISING DOCTOR having an experience of more than 15 years.

Since the time of her general practice she had been passionate of skin related problems, especially when there use to be an Aesthetic problem. This led her to learning more about it, and the journey started in the Aesthetic Medicine world.

She went to Australia and did a series of courses in Skin Aesthetics and after a rigorous training started her practice. After returning, here the problems were different, so she underwent courses in India for better understanding of skin problems here, that changed the way she practiced, she understood there was a need for a specialized centre for all aesthetic related problems.

Redefine Aesthetic Clinic is that dream which became a reality, a clinic with a difference where you can come with all your expectation, trust and all your problems. Doctor always gives you personal attention not only by consultations also counseling whenever needed and advice for all skin regime and other routine to follow day to day.

Redefine Aesthetic Clinic has the best combination of the latest technology and newer treatment modalities and experience.


  • M.B.B.S. – from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum

  • Skin Aesthetics & Beauty Science – From Gold Coast Academy, Australia

  • Cosmetology & Trichology- From ICLS Mumbai

  • Facial Aesthetics & Botox Fillers – From University Of Genoa, Italy


Our Misssion is to provide our clients with a friendly, comfortable environment, offering a full range of medical and cosmetic services in one convenient location. We aim to serve our patients in an environment which feels secure for treatments.


When we talk about skin and hair, we understand that safe hands improves our beauty progressively with time without any risk. Dr Rakhee Sharma's Clinic has a vision to heal every ailed skin and hair in a way that feels appropriate and channelized for radiating effect.


Social Media photo filters are good, but your beauty care is always better!


The time and attention we give to one patient for judging the type of skin and/or hair is what sets us apart. Each body cells work differently and we are known to guide the cells in the right direction to revitalize skin and/or hair and bring glowing results.


The transparency while consultation and practical explanation is the reason our partients have been relying on us sover the years. Whether your initial visit is with our professionals, you’ll know that you’ll have access to our full range of services with the convenience of one-office scheduling and the reassurance of the same customer-centric experience throughout.

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