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Body Treatment includes various treatments for all over and weight loss and body shaping. The rest of the body is equally important and a range of treatments are available to give you the best of results.

  • Body polishing [full /half]

  • Body glow n shine

  • Cellulite treatment

  • Stretch marks

  • Back & butt acne

  • Hand polishing

  • Foot polishing n spa

  • Decollete care


Weight loss and body shaping:

With the newer machine technologies and diet assisted with light exercise you can try and get your desired body shape. These machine treatments like the latest vrf and hifu and other modalities are very helpful in cases after a sudden weight loss, pregnancy and delivery, sagging and spot weight loss. They are very safe and without any side effects, results vary and maintenance therapy is to follow for a long lasting effect.

  • Inch loss

  • Body shaping

  • Body contouring

  • Body sculpting

  • Spot reduction

  • Sagging areas

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