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A technique by which pigments are deposited in dermal layer of skin with the help of needles, these are used for permanent make-up, for eyebrows , scalp, also used in vitiligo patients.

  • Scalp micropigmentation – the pigments are deposited in the scalp to imitate hair growth

  • Eyebrows- for eyebrows we do the microblading with help of bladed pen we create hair strokes to imitate natural eyebrows.

For eyebrows we have many options:

  • powder brows

  • microblading

  • eyebrow tint

  • eyebrow designing and lamination


For eyelashes:

  • eyelash lift

  • eyelash tint

Permanent make-up: various options like:

  • Lip colour :  lip micropigmentation

  • eyeliner

Some more special options available:

  • areola reconstruction

  • scar management

  • vitiligo correction

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