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Takes about 60 minutes

It’s a very good procedure to do at a professional skin clinic under a supervision of a doctor. It’s a definite yes instead of doing a regular facial at parlour. It is customised according to your skin, as per the requirement and issue the patient is having, products are selected for the session. We have a range of medifacial for all type of skin.


During a medifacial a protocol is followed like:

  1. Cleansing and scrub

  2. Exfoliation for dead skin removal

  3. Massage and infusion of vitamins and antioxidant gels

  4. Mask application.

  5. After the session the skin is looking brighter, glowing, radiant smooth and supple.

We have a series of different types of medifacial:

  • Gold medifacial                               

  • Fruit medifacial                               

  • Wine medifacial                                 

  • Diamond medifacial  

  • Charcoal medifacial

  • Chocolate medifacial

  • Anti-acne medifacial

  • Clean-up medifacial                     




Time taken 60- 90 mins

In a dermafacial we address a more advance issue such as anti-aging,wrinkles, sagging, scars, pigmentation, firming, hydration, uneven skin tone, openpores and many more. Dermafacial mainly involves the use of many types of machine for good and effective results. There are serums and specialized ampoules used according to the requirement and issue of the skin. Dermafacial is a wonderful procedure which can be done on a monthly basis. It is an excellent option for getting effective results. After a thorough examination, history taking, skin analysis and counseling, the procedure is done with the selection of right products, serum and solution.

During a dermafacial a specific protocol is followed like:

  1. Exfoliation

  2. Cleansing and scrub

  3. Infusion of serums and medicated ampoules

  4. Mask

  5. The end result is skin rejuvenation, it is painless, no downtime, no side effects, non-invasive, fresh and glowing skin.


A wide range of dermafacial is available:

  • Whitening dermafacial

  • Pigmentation dermafacial

  • De-tan dermafacial

  • Revitalising dermafacial

  • Firming dermafacial

  • Laser dermafacial

  • Moisturizing dermafacial


Advance derma facial:

Skin polishing:

A great procedure for a smoother, softer and brighter skin, it involves exfoliation by means of microdermabrasion machine. In this machine we use aluminum crystals for exfoliation,  it not only exfoliates the dead skin but also unclogs your pores and the crystals polish your skin surface. It is also attached to a vaccum for removal of dead skin and cleaning your pores. By this procedure your skin feels radiant smoother and resurfaced. It can be done anytime whenever your skin feels dull, pale. It’s also good for damaged skin, acne scars, age spots fine lines, uneven skin tone, tan removal. In many cases we are not able to use the microdermabrasion machine; there we use the diamond tip abrasion.

The benefits are multiple leaving a smooth and brighter skin.


Oxygenceuticals derma advance medifacial [korea]:

Breathe life into your skin with pure oxygen and cosmoceuticals

The goodness of oxygen with serums and treatment done for skin and scalp for getting your healthy skin. This treatment is good for anti aging, dry and matured skin, glowing skin and many more. It can be done for face, neck, de-collete, and scalp.


Glutathione advance dermafacial:

Go blanc e-facial the ultimate skin whitening peel that offers glutathione and skin whitening as a component. In about 4 to 6 sessions you will be able to see the required and desired results on your skin.


Hydrafacial advance medifacial:

It’s a six step specialized medifacial especially for rejuvenating and gives you a glowing and super shine on your skin. The goodness of h2o2 and serums to get the wonderful shine and glow also it is good for acne prone skin, it cleanses your pores and exfoliates gently, with serum induction it hydrates your skin and treats it too.

A very good medifacial to opt for your monthly regime.                                     


Laser dermafacial:

 A type of dermafacial where the results are enhanced by use of lasers for better results and rejuvenation.

Laser photofacial:

Carbon laser peel medifacial

Vampire dermafacial:

It’s very popular among celebrities, promotes cell renewal, helps in collagen production, tighten and give a smooth and improved look.

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